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A cross-reference guide to gel blasters and their prototype guns

by sportroin on Sep 19, 2022

A cross-reference guide to gel blasters and their prototype guns

What is the best gel blaster? Certainly a quality gel blaster designed after a few of our favorite guns in our mind.
I hope that this article will help you find the best gel blaster in your mind.
This article describes most of the gel blasters on the market and its corresponding prototype firearms.

Here are the more familiar brands, such as RX (renxiang), JM (JINMING), CYMA, and so on. Including rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns and other gun types.

▶HK416 nylon gear/metal gear (prototype for hk416d assault rifle of German hk company)
▶MP5 magazine version/bullet drum version (prototype for German hk company mp5 assault rifle)
▶M870 (prototype for Remington's m870 shotgun)

MCX (prototype is Sig Sauer's mcx assault rifle)
MPX (Prototype Sig Sauer mpx assault rifle)
▶SLRAK (prototype slr custom ak)
▶AUG (Prototype Austrian Steyr Aug assault rifle)
▶SIG552 (Prototype sig company sig552 assault rifle)
KRISS Vector (Prototype submachine gun developed and produced by KRISS, USA)
MP9 (Prototype mp9 submachine gun from Steyr)

▶ARP9 4.0 (Prototype is 9mm AR)


▶ Glock X3 Magazine Version (Glock 18c)
▶ Glock G43-1 /G43-2 (Glock g43)
▶SCAR (FN Herstal launched the scar, should be the mk16 version)
▶MP5 magazine version (prototype for German hk mp5 submachine gun)
▶MP5 magazine version (prototype for German hk mp5 submachine gun)
▶J8 (m4cqb)
▶J9 (m4a1)
▶J10 Black/sand/new sand ACR-R (acr assault rifle)
▶J11 Tactical version/woodgrain version (woodgrain version is ak47)
▶J12 (prototype ak74u assault rifle)
▶J13 (prototype hk company launched hk416c assault rifle, used by paratroopers)
▶J15 (g36c assault rifle introduced by the German hk company)
▶J16 (HK416d)
J17 (Galil ACE assault rifle)

▶MK17 (mk17 assault rifle also known as scar from fn herstal, but 7.62 caliber)
▶P90 black/pink
▶Type 97 rifle (a derivative model developed by China North Industries for export based on the Type 95 automatic rifle)

It looks basically the same as the XYL ARP9 so I won't put a picture of it
▶UMP45 (hk company ump45 submachine gun)

▶SCAR black/sand color (mk16 version)
▶M4 Black/Tan (m4cqb)
▶AK (ak47)

▶SLR Basic Edition/Metal Gear
▶Slr3.0 (changed the rear drag, then fishbone extension)

▶AK74u/AK102 (ak74u/ak102)
▶AK47s/AKM wood grain rest/folding rest (ak47s/47)
▶Desert Eagle


▶SKD G18
▶SKD G18s(18c)
▶SKD M92F (Burletta 92f)


[FJS]has been acquired by Beidou


▶M249 Army/Air Force/Black

Exquisite quality bolt sniper
▶ Gel Ball,No Shell Throw,MSR
▶Gel ball,Shell throwing,MSR
▶ Foam Dart,Shell Throwing,MSR
▶ Gel Ball,Non-Shell Throwing,AWM
▶Gel Ball,Shell Throwing,AWM
▶Foam Dart,Shell Throwing,AWM
▶Gel Ball,Non-Shell Throwing,SVD
▶ Gel Ball,Shell Throwing,SVD
▶Foam Dart,Shell Throw,SVD
▶Gel Ball,Shell Throw,M24
▶Foam darts,shell throwing,M24

▶ Honey Badger (AAC Honey Badger)

Relevant data will be continuously updated (data as of 2022-1-18)


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