, since 2022.

Gelblasterbest has been an offline toy store for 12 years, and in 2022, it started to switch to an online toy store. Our company has opened toy stores in Chicago in the United States, Tokyo in Japan, London in the United Kingdom, and Sydney in Australia.






Gel blasters are toys only and are NOT weapons or firearms.It fires soft hydro-infused gel balls.The standard gel ball will shatter after hitting the target and consume its own kinetic energy. As long as you wear goggles, you can play with confidence without worrying about damaging your body and surrounding objects.More than 98% of the mass and volume of the gel ball is composed of water molecules, and the residue formed after the impact target is broken will become a fine powder that naturally decomposes after the water evaporates. There are no environmental clean-up problems caused by plastic pollution like soft bullet guns, and no paint residue like paintballs.

With the philosophy of providing the best quality and service, we want to be the best retailer and supplier of gel blasters in the US market.

There's nothing like running around the yard with your friends and family, testing your special skills on the battlefield, and making well-made Gel Blaster shots with gelblasterbest. Whatever your preference is for handguns, rifle preference, we have it because we are always on the forefront.

Our newly launched products, all with unique designs, are the first in the world to be sold on our website.

We rely on top-notch manufacturers to build our Gel Blasters, which are then assembled and shipped to you from our headquarters in the United States and China. We maintain the highest quality in our products because we want our customers to enjoy reliable gel blasters that won't let them down. offers free shipping within the United States and customer service is online 24 hours a day to keep your shopping safe whether it is a weekday or a holiday.

Just bring your gel blasters and your buddies and go enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and nature, shoot around and have a good time together.