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What Are Gel Blasters and Gel Balls?

Gel Blasters are new revolutionary blasters that blast water based Gel balls.
Gel balls are colorful absorbent beads that disintegrate on contact, and dehydrate when they are left alone for a while for better storage

Does Gel Blasters Hurt?

Gel blasters are designed to shoot at a velocity, typically around 200-300 feet per second (fps). At this velocity, gel blasters typically do not cause any serious injury or harm to a person, can hurt but only by a little bit. The sting is enough to make the game exciting.
Other than that, cool tactial mask makes the game so much more fun

What Is The Recommended Age?

The recommended age is 14 and older.

How Do l Hydrate My Gel Balls?

Pour the Gellets into a 1 gallon container.
Add 1 gallon of water per 1 pack of Gel balls.
Wait a min 4 hours for them to grow
Then Try them in your gel blaster
1. 0vernight soaking is recommended.
2. Gel balls will expand 10x their size. Make sure you use a big enough container with plenty of water.
3. Keep Gel balls away from direct sunlight.
4. If the gel balls ca

MY Blaster Won't Shoot.It Makes Noise But Nothing Comes Out,Or Nothing Comes Out When I Shoot.

Please help check below situations that might cause this problem.

1. Not enough time for gel balls to hydrate in water. Keep them hydrate for four hours minimum.

2. The magazine gear might be clogged. Look through the semi-transparent magazine to check for ammo fragments around the gear. Clean the clog, grip the magazine at the bottom and sling it in a downward motion (don’t drop it!) until the clogs fall out.

Received Broken/ Missing Items

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