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Some beginner modification knowledge points

by sportroin on Aug 01, 2022

Some beginner modification knowledge points

1. Metal gears - Many beginners think that metal gears must be better than nylon gears, but for beginners, it may break faster without adjusting the gears correctly, so there is no need to blindly pursue metal gears

2. Metal Gearbox - First of all, the performance of the gearbox has nothing to do with the material of the housing. This housing only determines an upper limit, not a lower limit. The durability of the gearbox is only related to the durability of the parts inside, and has nothing to do with the casing.
In addition, some zinc alloy gearboxes may also have tail cracks.

3. Fire control system - I don't think this thing is necessary for beginners. It is not as stable as a mechanical switch, the cost of damage is expensive, and most fire control systems have no after-sales service. Beginners should first thoroughly understand mechanical engineering and then understand electronic information engineering.

4. Metal shell - this thing is not necessary, whether it is equipped with a metal shell depends on your preference. It is not recommended for activities or competitions, after all, the weight is relatively heavy.

5. The hardness of the receiver- the receiver is soft but has high toughness, and there is no problem with bumping. The receiver is hard, although it is wear-resistant, it is brittle.

6. Zinc alloy - before buying accessories, it is best to ask what alloy material it is. If zinc alloy is used to make stress-bearing parts, it is easy to collapse after long-term use or low temperature. So if you have money, you can use aluminum alloy.

7. Gears of powder casting - the gears that can be contacted at present are mainly polymer plastic materials, metal powder casting, steel cutting
Plastic gears are cheap and a good choice for gel blasters that don't fire very fast. Inexpensive, can be used to practice adjusting gears
Several other metal gears are of similar quality

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