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Spray Mount Fuji on MP9

by sportroin on Sep 18, 2022

Spray Mount Fuji on MP9


1. Use dish soap to clean the case, remove oil, then spray with paint thinner

2. I sprayed the upper receiver with dark blue, for the convenience of unifying the color in the future

3. Cut the masking tape and cover the outline of Mount Fuji with reference to the picture

4. Pink gradient on both sides of white in the middle

5. Spray a transparent purple hill, then cut out the shape of the hill with white paper to cover it, spray white thinly on some of the remaining areas, and spray the lower grip into a pink gradient

6. Control the air pressure and air output of the airbrush, and spray a red sun

7. Draw according to the original picture, the paint is AV water-based paint (Acrylicos Vallejo), if you make a mistake, you can wipe it off with 75% alcohol solution (provided that it is not sprayed with protective paint)

8. Spray the hills. The lower grip is sprayed with a thin layer of pink to make the black lines softer

9. Cut out the shape of the cloud on the white paper, cover the white paper on the receiver, and then spray. Light blue paint on the edges and white paint on the center. Draw a few clouds next to the sun.

10. The last step, spray the matte protective paint, and then put it in the oven.

Reprinted from original author BLACK-BLUE

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