CYMA M4A1  gelblasterbest
CYMA M4A1  gelblasterbest
CYMA M4A1  gelblasterbest
CYMA M4A1  gelblasterbest
CYMA M4A1  gelblasterbest
CYMA M4A1  gelblasterbest
CYMA M4A1  gelblasterbest


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Product Description

The CYMA M4 Gel Blaster, inspired by the famous M4 rifle design, is a formidable contender in the area of gel blaster replicas.

This blaster has established itself as a top-tier alternative among fans and players alike due to its remarkable performance, dependability, and versatility.

The CYMA M4 Gel Blaster, crafted with painstaking attention to detail, represents the essence of the real M4, giving a stunning similarity in appearance and ergonomics.

Its sturdy build provides endurance, allowing for prolonged and furious games without sacrificing functionality.

The adaptability of this blaster distinguishes it. The CYMA M4 is easily adaptable to a wide range of attachments and modifications, allowing users to tailor their blaster to their specific playing style.

From optics and grips to enhanced internals, the platform provides limitless customization options, catering to both rookie users looking for a reliable starter blaster and seasoned gamers looking to fine-tune their kit for best combat performance.

The CYMA M4 Gel Blaster constantly delivers on accuracy, power, and handling, whether in casual skirmishes or competitive contests.

Its compatibility with various gel ball sizes assures flexibility to diverse gaming conditions, while its ease of use makes it a perfect choice for both novices and expert gamers looking for a solid option and versatile gel blaster experience.

Jund M4 Warhawk CQB Gel Blaster – Tan Features:

  • Brand: Jund/Cyma
  • Type: Automatic, battery operated
  • Firing Modes: Full-auto & Semi-auto
  • High quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Designed and built with the utmost attention to detail
  • Strong nylon construction from tip to stock

The M4 CQB Version features Nylon Receiver, Nylon Buffer Tube, Plastic Inner & Outer Barrel, 480 Long Shaft Motor, can hold two batteries in the stock.

Uses 7-8 mm Gel Balls

NOTE: Please note, gels included with blasters are generally of low quality and can often cause feeding issues, we highly recommend you purchase our high quality harden gels for the best performance.


Material: Nylon


  • 1 x SJ M4?gel blaster
  • 1 x Magazine
  • 1 x 7.4V Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x gel balls
  • 1 x safety glasses
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