PT-1 Buttstock  Gelbiubiu Metal-A1
PT-1 Buttstock  Gelbiubiu Metal-102
PT-1 Buttstock  Gelbiubiu Nylon-Universal(Jinming12/STS/Douqu)
PT-1 Buttstock  Gelbiubiu
PT-1 Buttstock  Gelbiubiu
PT-1 Buttstock  Gelbiubiu

PT-1 Buttstock

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Type: Nylon-Universal(Jinming12/STS/Douqu)
Nylon-102(no sanded)
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Product Description

Color: Black

Main body nylon material, injection molding process. Cushion, chin rest banana material. Steel small parts.
Compatible with Douqu, STS/MST, Jinming12, 74U/105 of CP/AKA, 74M. The size of the PT-1 stock may be a bit of a tolerance, and it needs to be sanded before it can be used.
When installed on the 74U gel blaster, a layer of black paint on the surface of the pin needs to be sanded and thinned with a file. Because the pin at the fold of the 74U gel blaster is a little thick for the PT-1.
Rubber has a certain smell, please put it in a ventilated place to dry for 24-48 hours.

METAL: The tan stock is out of stock

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