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A Beginner's Growth Path

by sportroin on Aug 17, 2022

A Beginner's Growth Path

Step 1:
Buy a suitable original gel blaster. The price is not too expensive, it is best to have a Marui Ver.2 or Ver.3 gearbox. Because the gearbox structure of most gel blasters is one of these two gearboxes.

Step 2:
Try doing some basic modifications to the gel blaster. Familiarize yourself with the basic disassembly and modification by replacing some exterior accessories, stabilizing the inner tube, etc.

Step 3:
Try disassembling the gearbox. The safest way is to take a picture of each operation. This way you can restore the gearbox yourself based on the photo. If you can't restore it after taking it apart, you can ask a member of the gel blaster forum or group.

Step 4:
After you are familiar with the disassembly and assembly of the gearbox, you can try to replace some accessories and modify some gearbox performance. It is recommended to have a person with sufficient experience to guide the whole process.

Finally, you have basically mastered the knowledge of the standard Marui gearbox, and you can modify and assemble the gearbox yourself! You can go and assemble the gearbox for others for free to gain more experience. You can also help other beginners.

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