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How to Make My Gel Ball Blaster Longer Lasting?

by sportroin on Mar 20, 2022

How to Make My Gel Ball Blaster Longer Lasting?

To make the gel blaster longer lasting, the most imprtant step is the battery care.

When you receive your gel ball blaster, the first thing you need to do is to charge the battery, this will top it off and properly balance it.

The battery should be taken out and loaded correctly according to the polarity and voltage marks on the model battery bay, and the battery should not be short-circuited.

Put the battery first, then arrange the wires well and put them in the Battery bay, and makes the battery more easily take out the next time you charge.

Whenever your gel blaster is not in use, remove the battery from the gel blaster and store it in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Never charge the betteries overnight or for more than four hours cuz this will cause permanent battery damage.

Besides the battery care, when using Ferventoys Gel Ball Blaster, the trigger should not use excessive force to operate cuz it will cause permanent damage of the gel blaster.

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