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Quick Self-Test for Transmitter Problems

by sportroin on Jul 19, 2022

Quick Self-Test for Transmitter Problems

The content of this article is based on the inspection without dismantling the gearbox.

Emitter fails to fire

1. Check if the battery is installed correctly
2. Check if the battery is disconnected and hot
3. Check if the battery power is sufficient (may be manifested in a sluggish sound, or a humming sound from the motor)
4. For some launchers, you can open the bottom cover of the motor grip to check whether the wires are connected well (the ak series can directly take off the grip to check, if the clip rings, the gearbox does not ring, it is probably the same problem)

The transmitter fires but does not shoot the gel ball

1. First check whether you have loaded the ammunition correctly (because many beginners plug the ammunition from the ejection port, most of the magazines are loaded by opening the electrode contacts)
2. If there is a pre-supplied ammo, you can pull it first. If the clip does not ring, it may be that the clip is broken.
3. Look at the T-connector from the magazine well to see if the piston is connected. If the piston doesn't move, the handle or handle's spring may be bad.


Single-shot mode or burst mode failure

1. If there is a fire control system, the fire control system may be burned
2. The seesaw fails, this will be demolished

When you only hear the whistle of the motor and don't hear the sound of the piston teeth snapping, congratulations on the gear replacement that everyone has.

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