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Some advice on soaking gel balls

by sportroin on Jul 27, 2022

Some advice on soaking gel balls
Add an appropriate amount of water to the container, then add unfoamed gel balls, stir with a glass rod, and add an appropriate amount of ethanol after stirring evenly (recommended to add 10ml of ethanol per 1000ml of water)

If the room temperature is low, take a 140°F water bath for five minutes, then let it rest for 3-4 hours

You can buy sieves online, buy a 7mm sieve and a 7.5mm sieve, or you can customize 7.1mm and 7.4mm sieves. After you get it, scoop some gel balls and pour them in. The gel balls with a size of 7mm-7.5mm (or 7.1mm-7.4mm) can be screened out

If possible, take out the gel ball and roll it on a towel before use to ensure that there is not too much water on the surface.

Sharing from players: 1L water + 0.5g salt, the size of the gel ball is no more than 7.3mm

Wear goggles when shooting with a gel blaster.

Ordinary gel balls are great for playing with friends and shooting outdoors. These gel balls are fragile and suitable for gel blasters with a low rate of fire, and the player will not experience too much pain when hit.

Some hardened and weighted gel balls are suitable for gamers or players who are looking for higher accuracy and longer range. These gel balls are suitable for gel blasters with a medium or higher rate of fire, but players will feel more strongly when they are hit pain, so players need to wear a high-quality face covering and clothing.

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