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How should we choose the battery and some considerations

by sportroin on Jul 21, 2022

How should we choose the battery and some considerations

The batteries of gel shock waves are mainly lithium batteries, so this article will specifically talk about lithium batteries

First you need to know some data:

Number of series-S: This refers to the number of battery cells connected in series; in simple terms, the larger the number of S, the higher the battery discharge voltage and the stronger the discharge.

Voltage-V: This refers to the total voltage of the battery. The general voltage of the lithium battery cells we use is 3.7V. How to get the total voltage of v? The formula is the total voltage = the number of battery cells in series × the voltage of a single cell ( The total voltage is equal to the sum of the voltages in the circuit, the higher the voltage, the faster the firing rate, but the greater the wear)

Battery capacity-mAh: The unit of measurement of battery capacity, the larger the number, the greater the battery capacity, and there may be a larger capacity false mark for brand-name battery cells.

When choosing whether the battery is suitable for your own transmitter, there are three main points:

First, the applicable size of the space
Measure the size yourself

Second, the power line interface of the gearbox
Now most of the interfaces are SM (this interface is not very good), and the battery must be selected according to the interface of the transmitter. Beginners can do things like changing the interface, and they can do it when they have time. In fact, except for the SM interface, everything else is fine.

Third, the demand voltage
The voltage directly affects the firing rate. The higher the voltage, the higher the speed of your motor. Of course, the firing rate will be faster. You can choose according to the actual situation. The common voltages are 7.4V and 11.1V, except for the individual 14.8V.
Ok, so you can basically choose the battery you need.

There are a few more points to note:

1. Some brands are not honest, and there are many false labels on battery capacity. It is recommended to buy more well-known brands.
2. Most of the batteries are 3P/4P charging ports, and you can buy B3/B4/B6 to meet the requirements.

3. Avoid serious bumps and punctures, and be careful of battery explosion.
4. Try not to over-discharge the battery, and charge it in time when the power is insufficient.
5. Do not charge the battery for too long. Some chargers are unreliable, which may lead to overcharging. 
6. It is recommended to buy batteries from well-known brands. If you really can’t believe them, just do it yourself. Anyway, you just connect several batteries in series. If you really want to do it yourself, you can use two 18650 batteries for 7.4V and three 18350 batteries for 11.1V. Compatible with most gel blaster stocks.

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